Welcome Friends!

Hi!  I’m Nik and I tell stories.  Welcome to the new, digital me.  I don’t feel much different, but the mad scientists who injected a bunch of binary into my veins tell me it takes a little while to kick in.  We’ll see.

Here in The Imaginary Playground, you’ll find all sorts of schtuff about my creative life, including:

  • How to find my published work
  • Story extras/footnotes (sort of like bonus content on your movies)
  • Inspiration and education for the aspiring writer
  • Rants, raves, reviews, and goofy thoughts

I’m sure you’re wondering about the site’s name, so here’s the down-low on that.  For now, look around, enjoy, leave comments and questions; I try to talk to everybody, and I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Big thanks goes to Margie Markevicius, crafty artist and wife of yours truly, for all the design and programming work that makes The Imaginary Playground live and breathe.

Oh!  One last thing: an advisory.  What you see written here are the thoughts of a non-certified lunatic who admits on his About Page that he holds full-blown conversations with the little voices in his head.  It’s going to be off-center.  It’s going to be opinionated.  It might not even be your thing.  That’s all okay, because it’s definitely mine.

What's on your mind?

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