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Designed by Margie Markevicius

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Well, better late than never.  Sometimes the choice is between writing and writing about writing, and my policy there has always been work first, other schtuff second.

Anyway, now I move onward…by looking back.  Hmm…

I guess I’m in a snarky mood.

I’ve begun to see light at the end of the Trollbooth tunnel.  I’ve got about 140 pages typed, and as far as I can remember the manuscript didn’t go over 200.  I’m hoping this weekend  I can regain my off-day focus and maximize my time and production (translation: I need to stop sleeping in, even when life throws me curveballs).  Ideally, I’d like to finish the draft by Memorial Day.

In terms of my writing, I’ve noticed that I need to slow down and take more time getting as much translated from my imagination to the page, in my first drafts.  As I’ve watched Trollbooth develop, I’m seeing disconnects between my mental images and written accounts of place and character.  It’s going to mean more work for me in the third draft.  I’m starting to wonder if this rush tendency has to do with my less-than-consistent writing habits over the last year.  If so, correcting the problem will become a paramount goal for me; I’m actually making the work harder and less fun by doing it this way.  It’s fixable, sure, but it’s gonna be an unnecessary pain in the ass, like accidentally breaking the replacement for a part that’s broken.  In short, I can do better through discipline and consistency.

On the positive side, I’m pleased with the plot.  It feels a little too quick, but that’s because I was rushing through it for the reasons outlined above.  A little fill-out for place and people will downshift the narrative just enough so the reader can catch her breath.

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  1. The first time writing it’s all good fun. After that some one loses an eye and well, you know the rest.

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