Tonight! Tonight!

Tonight I have the honor of serving as co-host at the Waterline Writers Reading Event.

Writers, this is a great opportunity for networking (not to mention a forum you can participate in, if you haven’t already), and also for finding other writing-related workshops, readings, and events in the west ‘burbs.

Lit lovers, here’s a chance to meet-and-greet authors from all writing walks of life.  We’ve had playwrights, screenwriters, novelists, short story-ists, flash fictioneers, childrens’ writers (for all levels), poets, spoken word artists, and even some hard-to-categorize, damn good performers.

Audiences have been growing with every month’s iteration, lately coming in around 80 people.  That’s huge for a literary event, especially outside Chicago!  If you’re already attending, or have in the past, thanks a million.  If you haven’t stopped by this free event, held the third Sunday of every month, come on in and help us crack the century mark!

Pics and recap to follow.  Also, here’s a list of what’s shaking in the lit world this week.

Happy Father’s Day!

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