A Writer’s Resolutions for 2014

As I sit here at my desk on this last day of 2013, I find myself reflecting on a positive year as a creative artist. I’ve published a collection of flash fiction. I wrote three Enchanted Forest stories, including a draft of the first novel in that series. I’ve made progress in other stories in the Hopper, and I’ve let go of some poisoned fruit without taking a bite. Oh, and my writers’ group has published its second collection, in which resides my creepy-crawly horror story.

I’ve also upgraded my writing space with a second monitor so I can see my drafts and my notes at the same time, and I’ve cleaned up my desk so I can have more space for its top purpose. It also keeps my son’s paper-shredding hands from creating an unintentional disaster; speaking of the little boy, I also consider it an achievement that I’ve not only maintained a (mostly) consistent writing schedule while being an involved dad with a full-time day job, but I seem to be creatively thriving. Perhaps it’s a matter of inspiration.

In keeping with this upswing, I spent a little time in December crafting my professional resolutions for the coming year. They’re not so much changes as they are enhancements and extensions of what I’m already working on. I offer them up here in the hopes that my artistic audience might see something intriguing which they can adapt to their own creative processes.

  1. Keep your desk organized. Little ones have curious hands, first of all. Second, as a multifaceted writer I need to keep myself organized. Third, the desk is for writing and related business, and shouldn’t be used for storage, staging, etc. Lastly, I’m more comfortable when I’m not all cramped up in a fraction of the big desk love so much.
  2. Stay off the internet. Mornings are for writing, not errands, shopping, hockey scores, and so on. I can wake up and warm up with my journal and a pen, which keeps my mind as loose as my hand (heh-heh…)
  3. Send it out. Make time in the evenings/days off/weekends to get my work out there, or I’ll never make a living off writing. That would be a shame.
  4. Write every day. I will be accountable to myself in terms of page count/writing time. That means getting up on-time every day, regardless of outside factors. If that doesn’t happen, I will make the time later the same day for writing.
  5. Promote myself. Use Buffer daily to maintain a consistent and time-independent presence online. Create and update a list of blog topics, which I will make time to post once per week minimum.

Here’s hoping your 2014 is looking as bright and shiny as mine!  Happy New Year!