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The Stories Behind “Thong-Sized Stories”

If you’re the type who wonders where authors’ ideas come from, or how those ideas develop, here’s some insight into Thong-Sized Stories.  Get your print or digital copy here. Be warned: this section may contain spoilers.  Lunch With Daddy – My writers’ group has a tradition of working with writing prompts every time we meet.  […]

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Free Preview of “Secret”

“Secret” by Nik V. Markevicius She came in two hours late, and by the dim blue night light Eric watched her tiptoe around their small bedroom. Christine wore a scarlet miniskirt and an almost-sheer black crop top. The sleazy clothes showed off the creeper of vines tattooing her hips, and plenty of tanned flesh. Her […]

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Notes on “Secret”

Spoiler alert!  If you haven’t read “Secret” already, pick up a copy before reading on. A long time ago, I knew a couple like Eric and Christine.  The real-life situation was more complicated, involving children, ex-spouses, and living with Eric’s family, but out of respect I won’t get more specific than that. They were fun […]

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