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Trollbooth Blog #8

  If you haven’t been following my Trollbooth blog, you can catch up here. As you may have seen on social media, the second draft of Trollbooth is finished.  A marathon session of work over the long weekend got me to the final sentence; there were times I felt the way I did writing my second novel back when I […]

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Trollbooth Blog #3

Last week was a bummer in just about every way. I lost two pets on Monday and an aunt later in the week. Needless to say, most of my time was spent working through grief and taking care of the family. It left only a little time for writing; the follow is how I feel […]

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Trollbooth Blog #1

Last autumn, I wrote a draft for a novel called Trollbooth. It’s a starting point for my Enchanted Forest State Forest character Joe Keester.  In fact, this novel is the story of Joe’s first day on the job. I think I should be excited about what I wrote, but to tell the honest truth, this is one of […]

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