Trollbooth Blog #6


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Designed by Margie Markevicius

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I hit the century mark this morning!  That’s right, 100 pages and counting, all typed up and in desperate need of shaping.  That’s all right, for now, since that kind of rewriting comes in the third draft, not the second.  Plus, it’s an accomplishment in itself; I managed to not fight myself and just transcribe, which is in line with my writing process.

More good news: I’m seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  I can look ahead in my journal and see the end less than a hundred pages away.  The story itself is settling into its final shape now, too.  I always have a depressing time looking at the beginnings of my own novels because the ideas inevitably change as I figure out what works and doesn’t.  It’s like knowing you have to clean a whole house, eventually, but the room you start in is the one with the biggest, nastiest mess.  Trollbooth is becoming more coherent and consistent as I go on, so I’m taking the pluses where I can get them and trying to be happy about it.

I also fought a sense of needing to catch up this week.  Having endured illness, I feel like I’m behind on where I want to be.  That makes me want to type faster, but everybody whole does any serious typing knows there’s only so high a rate of speed you can type at before you just start stroking the wrong keys more often than not.  I don’t mind a heavy spellcheck at the end of every session (I walk the speed line every day), but I can’t stand sitting here at my desk going, What the fuck does jsyenaka mean?

I’ve also made a setup change on my desk.  Up until the middle of last week, I’ve had my journal propped to the left of my two monitors.  Naturally, that led to me keeping my head turned left – a lot.  My neck started getting sore.  It also felt like I was looking at the screen too much, just to relieve the muscle strain.  That led to distraction by typo, or me rereading what I just typed, which takes me out of the transcription game.  I solved the problem by moving my journal and stand in front of the left monitor and sliding the document over to the right monitor.  This way, what I’m working on is right in front of me, and I can still glance at the draft on the screen to make sure I didn’t do something stupid like write two pages in italics.

Overall, I feel good about the novel.  It’s gonna be short, but it’s got life in it.  Weird without being gross, which is yet another line I walk.  Luckily, that’s the kind of thing I enjoy.

Productive Sunday

My alternate writing space, upstairs.

I’ve had a lot of time to write today. We were up early to have brunch and get set for an electrician visit. Since I wanted to be on-hand for supervision, I took the iPad, the Bluetooth keyboard, my journal, and a pen and set up a temporary office upstairs. Not quite ideal, but considering it was that or no writing at all, there really wasn’t much choice.

I decided to see how much of a new story I could get typed up and out of my journal. The tale, a fantasy set in the Enchanted Forest, is about a family of witches and their ritual of “Eclipse Day.”

I’m happy to say that I chugged through about three quarters of the story before the guys finished their work. That translates to about 27 pages of material! I’m pleased, and while I know there’s a lot of revision to go before people read it, it’s much closer than it was 12 hours ago.

Margie also showed me a cover for the forthcoming Kindle/Nook story “Secret.” Quite snazzy; I’ll share as soon as it’s ready. For now, steak and corn, then a dog walk in better temps! I can’t wait!