A Dream

Vacation in Southern Illinois seems to agree with my subconscious. Nearly every night, I’ve experienced multiple vivid, wacky, narrative dreams. Here’s the best of them so far.

I’m in a public park with a trio of friends, amanand two women. Nobody specific, nobody I know from reality, just the four of us casually having a picnic and shooting the breeze. The sun is out, warm and springlike, but we’re in a patch of shade. There’s plenty of sky to watch, which is good because one of the women – we’ll call her Kate – is an avid bird watcher. In fact, one of the reasons we’re in this park is to spot some rare species which are in the area.

So far it’s been a bust. We eat our lunch, hang out, talk about eveything else from music to books to jobs to politics, but no birds other than the common varieties grace us. Kate is crestfallen, and her boyfriend Rob tries to console her, so do the other woman and myself. Eventually we pick up our picnic and are just about to head out, when I look up and see these two large yellow birds soaring together on outspread gigantic wings. They look sleek and elegant up in the air, but as Kate snaps pictures and I stand up for a better view, the birds bank and head straight for us. As they get closer, I can see they’re not smooth, not elegant, but more like big-eyed, overstuffed, heavily plus stuffed animals with short, hooked beaks and round bodies. They buzz low over my headand knock me down, and I smack my face on the grass. When I push up to my hands and knees, one of these giant birds is a foot away, peering at me with a cocked head.

“Careful!” says the other girl, “the book says they’re not very friendly-”

Swift as a snake, the bird darts forward and head-bumps me like a cat. Its yellow plush fur is as soft and thick as it looks, and it continues to smear itself agaisnt me, to the astonishment of my friends. I figure, “What the hell,” and reciprocate, to the delight of the bird.

The second one comes and joins in, and as Rob wonders aloud, “How did that happen,” the other woman, who turns out to be Margie, says, “Nik’s just got a way with animals.”

And that’s when I woke up, with me as the new avian buddy.

Weird night…