Redheads & Bubblegum is Live!

Oh Happy Day!

As of the moment your brain turns these letters a coherency trick, I’m please to announce my seventh novel, Redheads & Bubblegum, is now on sale at  Just search for the book title, or even my name, and I’m certain it’ll come up.

Blurb has been a pleasant upgrade to my expectations.  It’s like booking a hotel room and getting a free bump to a suite.  The paper, cover, color, and overall bookiness of the product is nearly identical to anything order on Amazon or picked up at your corner bookstore.  Anybody who might want to make a cookbook, a family album, or really anything bound should check Blurb out.  Prices are nice, too; had I used OfficeMax to create “books,” as I’ve done in the past, I’d get less than half the quality for the same cash.

I’ve got some thoughts on the self-publishing process, plus a final talk about the RHBG writing process as a whole, but seeing as I’m drowsing as I type, I think I’ll save that for another day.

And so, finally, thanks for taking a little time for me today, and if you bought a copy, thanks a million!  Drop me a line and I’ll arrange for an autograph, if you’d like.

One last thing: if you know anybody who’s into sci-fi/fantasy/horror, or humor along the lines of Dave Barry, Mel Brooks, or even Seth Rogen, please pass them my name.  Good stories are meant to be shared, and I’m more proud of this one than anything I’ve ever written.  Please enjoy, and thanks again.


P.S.  I have a fan page now on Facebook.  Just look up Nik V. Markevicius

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