Productive Sunday


My alternate writing space, upstairs.

I’ve had a lot of time to write today. We were up early to have brunch and get set for an electrician visit. Since I wanted to be on-hand for supervision, I took the iPad, the Bluetooth keyboard, my journal, and a pen and set up a temporary office upstairs. Not quite ideal, but considering it was that or no writing at all, there really wasn’t much choice.

I decided to see how much of a new story I could get typed up and out of my journal. The tale, a fantasy set in the Enchanted Forest, is about a family of witches and their ritual of “Eclipse Day.”

I’m happy to say that I chugged through about three quarters of the story before the guys finished their work. That translates to about 27 pages of material! I’m pleased, and while I know there’s a lot of revision to go before people read it, it’s much closer than it was 12 hours ago.

Margie also showed me a cover for the forthcoming Kindle/Nook story “Secret.” Quite snazzy; I’ll share as soon as it’s ready. For now, steak and corn, then a dog walk in better temps! I can’t wait!

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