New Short Story, “Secret” Now Available!

I’m quite happy to announce that “Secret,” a short horror story about boyfriends and girlfriends, is now available for Kindle and Nook for the staggeringly low price of $0.99.  Why not pick it up today and give yourself something to do during the next coffee break?

I’m hoping to have a full-on iBooks version available soon, but dealing with Apple takes a little more time than B&N and Amazon.  In the meantime, remember that there are Nook and Kindle readers for your i-schtuff, and that they work well.

Cover design, text layout and formatting, and first reader credits go to my wonderful wife, Margie Markevicius.  She’s also the reason this site looks so nice; why not visit her site and see what she can do for your brand/online presence?

I also have some paper copies, available for $1.00 even, which I mainly sell at Waterline Writers events.  I’d be happy to send you one; postage is extra.  By the way, the extra cent covers the printing costs.

For those interested in the craft of writing, and how this story came about, I’m currently working on a behind-the-scenes piece about drafts, revision, and the development of the idea which became, “Secret.”  Look for it soon, here on the Imaginary Playground.

In case you missed it, “Expecting,” is on sale in the same places, for the same price.

I’ve got a stack of stories on my desk which are somewhat near publication-quality.  In my spare time, or when I’m frustrated with The Bemann Files, I’ve been working them up one-at-a-time.  Look for more stories to appear soon, and as always, thanks for reading.


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