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All those random ideas tossed up from the kids on the playground…

Puck an A, eh?

That first slap of cold air across my face in late September stirs me up like you wouldn’t believe. Or maybe, if you’re a puck-nut like me, you get it. It’s sharp and sudden, especially after ten weeks of heat and humidity. There’s suddenly wind – not a breeze but real gusting wind. The first […]

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Having Daylight Savings Time start on the weekend must be terrible for our animals. The humans have weird days, moods, and perhaps scents when we’re off our game. Then it’s Sunday, and fir a lot of us that means a slightly different routine. Our pets have to endure an extra day until the weekday “routine” […]

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A Dream

Vacation in Southern Illinois seems to agree with my subconscious. Nearly every night, I’ve experienced multiple vivid, wacky, narrative dreams. Here’s the best of them so far. I’m in a public park with a trio of friends, amanand two women. Nobody specific, nobody I know from reality, just the four of us casually having a […]

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