The Story Behind “Head” (no spoiler version)

HeadFrontCoverHopefully you’ve now got your own copy of “Head” from Amazon, are enjoying the hell out of it, and are posting raves on social media, telling neighbors as they walk by with the dog, or even waving down random strangers so they can get the word, too.  If so, thanks a bunch.  If you’re just reading it, thanks a bunch, anyway.

For those of you curious how “Head” came to be, it’s like this:

Well…maybe it’s more like this: “Head” can’t be talked about without ruining its ending.  Even in this age of instant information, I still value the occasional surprise, and I’m certainly not a fan of spoilers.  To that end, here’s the deal: follow this link if you want to know the story behind “Head.”  You’ll be prompted for a password.  That password is the last word of the last page of “Head,” exactly as it’s written.  Enter that, and you’ll get where you want to go.