Tonight: LIVE in Aurora!

10258193_1417148235221689_4293294660527536350_nI’m very excited to be the feature author at this month’s Lit by the Bridge reading/open mic at Culture Stock in Aurora.  If you want a sneak preview…well, let’s just say I’ll be reading something old, something brand-new, and if time permits, something short and nasty.

I hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, don’t fret: I’m hoping to get video of my reading, which I’ll post here.

Trollbooth Blog #1

Designed by Margie Markevicius @
Designed by Margie Markevicius

Last autumn, I wrote a draft for a novel called Trollbooth. It’s a starting point for my Enchanted Forest State Forest character Joe Keester.  In fact, this novel is the story of Joe’s first day on the job.

think I should be excited about what I wrote, but to tell the honest truth, this is one of those stories that just wrote itself.  I wasn’t even sure if it was going to get long enough for the term novel until I’d been at it a couple weeks straight and saw no end in sight.  I know that part of the process went well, but beyond that I can’t yet say what shape the story is in.

See, I made myself do an experiment with Trollbooth.  I haven’t even peeked at it since I wrote the last words of the tale back in November.  I wanted a fresh look at it as I do my second draft, and never in the 8 or so books I’ve had a go at have I really let something go for a while.  This will be a journey of discovery for me – and I think it’ll help me make my work more memorable to a greater audience.

In part because I want to talk about it, and in part because I hope readers and writers will help me remain accountable to myself, I’m going to write a weekly column here where I’ll describe my thoughts, successes, and challenges for the past week’s writing.  I think it’s worth keeping a journal of the process; how else do we learn but by seeing how others put their fears and triumphs into words?  How does somebody else see the private part of writing, where it’s just a guy/gal and a laptop/pen & paper?

The point I’m rambling around like I always do is that when I was in writing school, I spent a lot of my time learning from the writing that writers do…to get to the writing you read, like, and call memorable.  I do it a lot myself.  This time, I’d like to share the process in the hope that somebody can find something which will help enable their own writing.  It’s how I can give back to this art that makes my life better by empowering my imagination.

I’ll be posting each Monday to the Imaginary Playground.  I don’t know what it’ll sound like yet, and I won’t know until I’m in the thick of it.  I’m going to do it anyway, even if I sound like a raving dork.  It’s gonna be fun.

I’m Making An Author Appearance on 11/17!

ThongSizedStoriesCoverMy dear friends, if you’re free on a Sunday night a couple weeks hence, I’m happy to report I’m on the bill for the monthly Waterline Writers literary event I volunteer at.  I’ll be reading “The Turkey Incident” from my recent collection Thong Sized Storieswhich is perfect because it’s a Thanksgiving story…a weird one, but still thematically fitting.

I’m hoping to give away a copy of the book at the event, and I’ll also have some for sale, so be sure to get there at by 7pm.  Admission is free.  There’s also gourmet snacks and wine, also for free.

Yep, you read that right: free booze!  Hope to see you in Batavia at Water Street Studios.