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Things To Do This Week

Looking for some literary-culture-type events this week?  Check out these happenings!

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This Week’s Literary Events

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone.  Even if you’re just a bad mutha…it still counts, right? Here’s what’s going on in the local literary world this week.  Pay particular attention to Waterline Writers next Sunday, and if you’re not busy, come out and say hi to me!  I’ll be serving as co-emcee. Know of any other lit […]

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A Dream

Vacation in Southern Illinois seems to agree with my subconscious. Nearly every night, I’ve experienced multiple vivid, wacky, narrative dreams. Here’s the best of them so far. I’m in a public park with a trio of friends, amanand two women. Nobody specific, nobody I know from reality, just the four of us casually having a […]

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