New Articles, Updates, and More!

Hello, my friends!  Just a few quick things for now.  First, the first movement of The Bemann Files is finished with edits.  I’m sure I’ll do at least one more draft, but I’m satisfied with what I’ve done to shape it up.  I’ve been trying to keep a day-by-day journal on my Facebook Page, so be sure to follow along!

Second, here are a couple more Examiner articles for your reading pleasure.  First is my interview with poet Katie Phillips, and after that, be sure to check out this week’s local literary happenings.

This week, I plan on entering all the Bemann edits (I do them on paper, just like I write my first drafts), as well as final edits on a new short story.  It’ll be available on Kindle and Nook as soon as it’s done; I’m also working on getting my iBooks shit together, so I can offer you even more reading options.  Old fashioned readers, please drop me a line if you’d like a paper copy.

For now, time to work on my writer’s group homework, then off to Water Street Studios for tonight’s Waterline Readers Writing Event.  Make it a great Sunday!