Monthly Archives: March 2012

Notes on “Expecting”

I got to thinking it might be fun to do a writer’s version of the extras section you see on DVDs and Blu-Rays.  For those of you that are creative, I hope it helps inform your own processes, and for those of you who want to be entertained, I hope these Notes serve as an […]

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New Article for Examiner!

My latest article for Examiner is about Batavia’s Waterline Writers reading event, happening on 3rd Sunday of each month (fyi, that’s this Sunday).  Take a look at the article, but I’ll pass along a spoiler: guess who’s one of the readers this time around?

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Thinking About Bars

I need a good name for a bar run by dwarfs.  Something snarky and/or cool.  If you’ve got an idea, drop me a line and I might use it in an upcoming story. Happy Monday! Nik

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