Monthly Archives: March 2012

New Examiner Article

The conclusion of my interview with Frank Rutledge for In related news, I’ve got a few more interviews in the pipe, plus a calendar of writing-related events, so if you know people who into writing, let them know about me as a resource! Make yourselves a great weekend!

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Something Fun To Do

If you miss talk shows on the radio that are fun, funny, and current, why not check out The Adam Carolla Show? I find it’s a edgy alternative to Stern, something the world needs more of. Interesting guests across a variety of professions, often on the same show, make for a diffefent experience every podcast. […]

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New Article for Examiner

Part 1 of my interview with Aurora poet, writer, and writing group facilitator Frank Rutledge is now available for your viewing pleasure.  He’s an all-around artist who spends even more time than I do thinking about the nature of creativity, how to enhance and revel in it, that sort of thing.  A fascinating subject, and […]

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