11/22/63 – Book Review

11/22/63 is fun Stephen King. That’s first and foremost. I went in wondering if this would be heavy examination a la Oliver Stone’s “JFK”, but I was surprised to find a thoughtful sci-fi story. One of those late-phase King tales about people and the way they would live their lives in a near-past environment that’s at once real and unreal. That’s a nice touch that left me wanting more and ready to be lost in the tale.

In fact, the closest comparison I have is Michael Chricton’s “Timeline,” although that has involves centuries of backwards time travel. Both novelists do manage the same thing: to give an accurate, detailed, and well-written story that’s utterly readable while stills managing to be about something. These are my favorite books. They blend literature and popular storytelling. As a writer myself, I say bravo to that, always.

And on a side note, as a King fan, I love that the author can surprise me with finding a way to revisit “It” as part of this tale. Richie and Bevvie swing dancing! Nice!


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